#TeenCon2015 Recap

Many of the BTC team headed along to TeenCon2015 on Sunday to cheer on Amanda (aka @HarperCollinsYA) as she presented upcoming titles and battled it out ‘Book Boyfriend style’ with all the other Aussie YA publishers. Much fun was had. Here’s our recap.


TeenCon made its first appearance at the Sydney Writer’s Festival this year, hosted by Felicity from Penguin Teen. It’s hard to tell who was more excited about TeenCon: the publishers or those of us in the crowd. In fact, while I was lining up outside the door, I overheard this conversation from the girls behind me:

‘I can’t wait to see what’s in the goodie bags.’

‘OMG me too.’

‘OMG we should stop acting like eight year olds.’

‘We ARE eight years old.’

In case you’re wondering, each goodie bag contained a selection of five YA books supplied by the publishers.

Felicity sat down with four YA book bloggers (Tilly from Tilly and her Books, Alison from Read around the Rosie, Kat from Cuddlebuggery, and Catriona from Little Book Owl) to talk reviewing, blogging, books, and TBR piles. The audience cheered hard for A Thousand Pieces of You when it was mentioned, and we did a little jig in our chairs. And then Amanda just HAD to go and tease you all with an ARC of Ten Thousand Skies above You. Sorry, but you can’t read that one just yet.


Each publisher then had thirty seconds to pitch their Read Right Now title of the year, and then an additional thirty seconds to pitch their What’s Coming Next title. Amanda spoke about A Thousand Pieces of You and The Sacred Lies of Minnow Bly. Felicity’s notes went missing at one point during this section of TeenCon. It was quite possibly sabotage from another publisher (not us, although I’m sure we thought about it), but it also made us realise that it’s probably best to have your notes on coloured paper. Or perhaps scented paper. Amanda did neither; she wrote her notes on a brown paper bag. Simple, but effective.


And then we started the Book Boyfriend battle, which brought out the competitive side in all of the publishers. Prior to TeenCon, each publisher picked two Book Boyfriends from their YA titles. HarperCollinsYA went with Four (from Divergent) and Josh (from Isla and the Happily Ever After). The publishers then had two minutes to argue that their Book Boyfriend is the ultimate choice. The most popular qualities were:

  1. Six pack and/or a chiselled body
  2. Sensitive/in touch with his emotions
  3. Is so in love with the main character that he risks his life for her


The most entertaining part of the evening was when the final three publishers (HarperCollinsYA, Bloomsbury, and PenguinTeen) fought it out for the top spot of Book Boyfriend 2015. Each publisher took turns sledging the other two Book Boyfriends. I almost wish that Edward Cullen made it through to the final round for the sledging alone (he’s wussy, sparkly, whingey, controlling, dead, kind of a pansy, and for some reason seems perfectly fine with never leaving high school). But, when it came time to cheer for those Book Boyfriends to progress to the final round, there was pin drop silence for Edward Cullen. RIP Edward Cullen.

Unfortunately, HarperCollinsYA came third behind Bloomsbury and PenguinTeen. It seems our Four puns (Foursome, Fourtress, Fourmal…) weren’t enough to win over the crowd, who decided that Dimitri Belikov was the ultimate Book Boyfriend for 2015.