Book Bliss: Five things that make book lovers very happy


 There’s a lot to love about the world of books, but there are some things in particular that are just pure bliss.


1. Finding a new fictional character to crush on


Divergent Theo

There’s something deliciously fun about crushing on a new fictional character. One of the best things about book boyfriends is that you can have as many as you like and they never get jealous of each other. Your book collection is a magical place where people like Four, Etienne St Clair, Augustus Waters and Levi from Fangirl can all happily co-exist.

2. Walking into a bookshop and being overwhelmed by how much awesome there is to browse


Big Belle pic

Whether it’s your favourite bookshop or one you’ve just walked into by chance, nothing compares to the bliss of seeing all those pretty, pretty books just waiting for you to pick them up. All those worlds, all those new friends, all those possibilities.


3. Going on a book buying spree


I couldn't resist

There’s a certain kind of happiness one can only get from purchasing a great stack of books all in one go. If you’re in a physical bookshop, you get to carry your pile to the counter and then admire them all the way home. If you’re buying online, there’s that wonderfully torturous anticipation you get to experience while you’re waiting for your books to be shipped and delivered. Once they arrive, who can resist ripping open the parcels immediately? (I actually cheer when the packages show up) Your bank account might not thank you for book binges, but your brain will.


4. Deciding what to read next


Choosing booksWe all have TBR piles a mile high, which means choosing what to read next is a very serious business. Will it be a new book? A dark one? A fluffy one? Should it be a re-read for fun times’ sake? Who doesn’t love standing in front of their bookshelves, weighing all the different options (while at the same time admiring all the pretty you’ve accumulated)?

5. Meeting other readers

One of the BEST things about working in YA is being a part of a community of readers. It’s something special to be part of a group of book lovers who are all fan girling over the the same books, awaiting the same book to movie adaptations and counting down to the next release from your favourite author. We love talking to everyone on Twitter and instagram and meeting you at launches and events. Who would ever want to be any other kind of book lover?