Kiera Cass talks about The One

Two hot boys, one girl and a lot of dreamy ballgowns. We talk to Kiera Cass, author of everyone’s favourite guilty pleasure series The Selection


Did you always know how the series was going to end or did it change over time?

Basically. In the very beginning I was putting words in America’s mouth, and I’d made some decisions for her in the process. When I realized I’d gotten her wrong, I went back and rewrote the first book, which changed the trajectory of the other two. Once upon a time, The One ended much differently, but the way it is now is the way it should be

Do you get to choose the colour of the girl’s dress on the cover?

No. But I did pitch that the covers should be red, white, and blue once. That they turned out sort of that way is an adorable little perk.

If you had to choose between Aspen or Maxon, who would you pick?

I love both my boys. The only person who has to choose it America, so I’ll leave it to her.

What did you think of The Selection with Barbies video?

Amazing! And it became a fan favorite, too, which is great. It’s been out for so long but they still reference that, so bravo to the gang at HarperTeen for making such a stellar video!

The series is sometimes described as The Bachelor meets The Hunger Games – if you could create a reality show/dystopian hybrid for TV, what stories would you mash up?

Flavor of Love meets Iron Chef. A portly gentleman chooses his bride over who uses white truffle oil the best. “Mandy… will you accept this souffle?”