Jessica Shirvington talks Disruption

Disruption is the futuristic thriller of the year. We can’t WAIT for Corruption –  due out November 2014. Here we try shamelessly to pry secrets from superstar author Jessica Shirvington.

Disruption high res image

If Disruption was made into a movie, who would you cast as the leads? (Also who would play Gus, cos we love Gus)

Wow. This is such a hard question and to be honest this is the first time I have really thought about it for this book.

I think casting Maggie’s character would be a big job. She has so much strength and hidden vulnerability so finding someone who could portray her so perfectly is had to imagine. Maybe someone like Lyndsy Fonseca (cause she kicks butt!) or even Rooney Mara (who seems incredibly versatile) could be an option.

For Quentin …maybe Jeremy Irvine (though he would have to cut his hair very very short!).

For Gus, I guess I think of someone like Dan Dehann (that kind of stylish, yet evil genius look:)

Were there any particular songs you listened to while writing Disruption?

Yes. I listened a lot to:

Avicii: Addicted to You —-

Avicii: Shame On Me —-

Avicii: Long Road To Hell —-

Muse: Uprising —-

Muse: Madness —–

Daft Punk: Instant Crush —-

and (one more!) Birdy: Shelter —-

Maggie was originally part of a larger story focusing on M-Bands – why did she end up being the focus of the novel?

When I started working on Disruption I was initially drawn to this amazing concept of a technology that could read our pheromone reactions with other people. It sent my mind into a spiral – thinking about all the possibilities and I originally thought it would be amazing to follow a number of characters and how this technology affected their lives. I wanted to follow one set of characters who were in a happy and committed relationship but then one of them crosses paths with their true match and it changes everything. I wanted to follow the story of one person who was so set on finding their true match that he would settle for nothing less and had spent the last five years simply walking his way around the world, determined to cross paths with as many people as possible until he met the one. The possibilities were endless and each story fascinating – but it was Maggie’s story and her character that kept drawing me in. Her story was the big one. The story that drew together all of the major elements and also provided the all important major conflict that the story needed. In the end, I found myself unable to turn my attention away from Maggie’s story and as I started to develop the characters in her world, well, I was hooked and I figured out pretty quickly that the only way to do her story justice was to make the book hers.

Do you believe in true matches?

Yes. I don’t believe there is only one true match in the world for each of us, and I believe relationships take work. But I definitely believe in true matches – I can use my own relationship as the perfect example! 😉

Pleeeease can you give us a tiny clue about what to expect in the sequel, Corruption?

Well, I hate to give anything away but I can say that one of the songs I listed above – Uprising by Muse – was very much the song that led into writing Corruption and you can expect that the three main characters will be back, and they have all changed!