Danielle Paige talks The Wicked Will Rise

Amy Gumm and the deliciously evil Dorothy Gale are back! In The Wicked Will Rise, the sequel to the bestselling Dorothy Must Die, Dorothy is still at large and Amy must figure out a way to take her down once and for all. 

We got the goss from author Danielle Paige. 

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The Dorothy Must Die stories just came out here in Australia. How did the novellas come about?  Were they part of the main story originally or were they something you found yourself wanting to explore separately?

Originally, there was no question that the “Breaking Dorothy” story had to be told. And No Place Like Oz was a given. But the more I wrote about the past, the more I realized there were more stories to tell!

Dorothy Must Die stories

 Has your experience writing for TV influenced how you approach working on the books?

Yes! I think the Dorothy Must Die series is very cinematic – there is so much fast-moving plot and action.

 What’s been your coolest fan moment so far?

Oh, there have been so many! But at my very first tour stop on my very first tour last year,  a girl dressed up as Dorothy! I’ve had a few Dorothys since, but I literally almost cried the first time. She was so adorable!

Another memorable moment was getting to be a fangirl at BEA last year when I was on Veronica Roth’s panel with Marie Lu and Alaya Dawn Johnson.

 Would you ever want to see Dorothy on the big screen?

I would love to see Dorothy on screen – film or TV! I would be very excited to see what the casting would look like.

Dorothy Must Die

 What’s the advice you give aspiring writers?

Don’t be afraid to try something new. I did and I ended up on The Yellow Brick Road. Dorothy was a total departure for me. I had spent years writing stories that were much more reality based. If you can call soaps reality! But they prepared me for making unbelievable storylines seem believable.

 What are your favourite ways to procrastinate?

Television, reading, drawing, painting.

 Is there any particular music you listened to while working on The Wicked Will Rise?

My iTunes is seriously mainstream – there was a lot of Taylor Swift. But Kacey Musgrove’s “Same Trailer, Different Park” always made me channel Amy!

 What’s on your to-be-read pile right now?

Victoria Aveyard’s Red Queen.

 If you could see any other iconic character from literature turned into a villain, who would you choose?

I would kind of love to see Jane Eyre be even more of a badass. She’s so incredibly good – I wouldn’t mind her having a few minutes of villainous fun – she goes through so much in that book!

 What are you working on at the moment?  

Stealing Snow – it’s a Snow Queen retelling- think super grown up and dark Frozen.  And then it’s back to Dorothy for Book 3!

The Wicked Will Rise is out on April 1. Read the first six chapters here