Information for YA reviewers

Are you a book blogger interested in reviewing YA titles for HarperCollins Australia for review? Then this page is for you!

To find out which books are available for review, please check out our publicity catalogues – which can be viewed here. The titles in these catalogues are the books with an allocation of review copies. Additionally, follow us at @HarperCollinsYA on Twitter and Instagram as we often post about other ARCs (advanced reader copies) that become available.

We do not have a generic YA mailing list as we work with bloggers on a request-by-request basis. If there is a book you’d like to request please email us at and include the title of the book, your name, mailing address and links to your blog and social media accounts.

All requests are kept on file – but due to time constraints and the high volume of email we receive – we can’t always reply. Once you’ve received your book and posted your review, we would love if you could send us a link for our records and/or tag us in the post on social media.

Other things to note:

  • We are big fans of honest reviews. If you loved a book – fantastic! If not, that’s ok too. Our only suggestion is – as a courtesy- not to tag authors in posts if you didn’t enjoy the book. As Effie Trinket would say: “Manners!”
  • We are the Australian office of HarperCollins, so can only send review copies to Australian residents
  • Due to rights restrictions, not all books published by HarperCollins in the US are also published by us here in Australia. Please check to see if a title is listed before getting in touch.
  • Our review copies are generally sent out before a book is published. Once a book has been released, interested readers will be directed to purchase copies instead of receiving them for review.
  • If you include buy links in your reviews, please consider supporting local retailers like Booktopia, Bookworld, Boomerang Books and Dymocks.
  • Review copies are for influential readers that have a blog and/or YouTube channel as well as social media accounts – including Twitter, instagram and Facebook. Unfortunately we can’t send books to people with no blog presence
  • We work with bloggers with an established following – it doesn’t have to be huge – but when we check out your site and social media accounts, we do look to make sure you’re engaged in Australia’s passionate YA community. If your blog is still in its early stages, we may suggest getting in touch a few months down the track
  • We also prefer to work with bloggers whose sites are neat and updated regularly. If you haven’t updated in a few weeks, months or even years (hey, it’s happened!), it’s less likely you’ll receive a review copy.

Hope this was helpful! If you have any questions, don’t be afraid to chat to us on Twitter.