Q1. I’m a blogger and I’d like to request review copies from you guys. How do I go about this?

Check out this page for all the info you’ll need

Q2. So I’ve requested a book but haven’t heard back from you guys. Why, cruel world, why?

Sorry, sorry! We are very busy and if we replied to every email we received, we would never sleep (which we need to, trust us). Often we will file away requests for when books become available. If the book is published and you haven’t received a review copy, but know you sent a request, just follow up with us and we’ll see what we can do.

Q3. I want to get into publishing. Any advice?

Short answer: get some work experience and work hard. We’ll save our longer answer for a future blog post.

Q4. Do you take work experience students/interns?

Sometimes. We’d like to have a proper program up and running but that’s a work in progress. Please check here

Q5. Do you publish this book/have the rights to that book?

Ask us about this on Twitter and we’ll try to find the answer. Please be nice about it though. (We won’t have the answers straight away, especially when you ask late at night or on weekends).

Q6. I want to be an author and have a manuscript that’s ready to be published – can I send it to you guys?

Not really. But HarperCollins DOES run an awesome initiative called the Wednesday Post – and every Wednesday you have the opportunity to submit your manuscript for consideration. When it comes to knowing if your work is ready to be submitted, we suggest making sure you’ve already made it as good as you can possibly make it before sending it off.

Good stories do get noticed. In fact, we are publishing a YA Wednesday Post submission in 2015!

Q7. You seem to have a suspicious amount of fun – is working in publishing like that everyday?

We have some kind of fun everyday, yes, but not everything is fun. We have to admit that working with books for a living is about as cool as it gets though.

Q8. I’ve written a review for a book you sent me – should I send you the link?

Yes please! Send it publicity@harpercollins.com.au OR to the email address of the publicist listed on the press release/review slip that may come with the book. We may not reply (see above) but we will be very grateful!

Q9. I’ve written a review for a book you sent me – which retailers should I include buy links for?

Do what’s right for your readers. We support local booksellers like Bookworld, Booktopia, Boomerang Books, Dymocks and your nearest local independent bookshops

Q10. I want to request a book for review that you haven’t mentioned on Twitter or listed in the publicity catalogue – is that ok?

You can only ask, but you have a better chance of success with books mentioned on Twitter or in the catalogue.