Help us pick our November #BTCBookClub read

BTC Book Club image


Dear BTC reader,

You know how you have such great taste in books? And how you often find yourself wishing everyone would just respect your excellent taste and read all the books you recommend? Well here’s your chance to influence the masses. We’d like you – that’s right, YOU – to help us pick the next title for our monthly readalong club.

Don’t know the drill? Allow us to explain.

Each month, we pick a book to either re-read or read for the first time. Using the hashtag #BTCBookClub on social media, participants fangirl/fanboy/fanperson about their favourite quotes, scenes and characters. At the end of the readalong, somebody wins a free book. Awesome right?

We’d like you to have your say in November’s readalong. Vote for any of the titles below (and you can vote more than once if you’re really torn) for the chance to have everyone praising your excellent book recommendation skillz.

May the odds be ever in your favourite book’s favour!

Voting closes on Sunday November 16th